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White is for chakra readings. It is associated with the 8th chakra or magnetic center of the body - which forms the basis of the rainbow colored, electro-magnetic field that surrounds it and is known as the aura.

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The Hindus were the first to understand the body as an inter-dimensional spiritual vessel that was supported by ‘chakras’ or wheels of light that lined the spinal cord from its base and continued upwards in a spiral manner to the crown chakra above the head.  The spiral movement that ‘threaded’ the chakras together was called the ‘Kundalini’.  In this sense, the Hindu understanding pre-dated the understanding of Quantum Physics surrounding the dance of the Double Helix.  The great mystics of the Jewish tradition known as Kabbala saw the energetic connecting pattern on the Tree of Life as a ‘Lightning Flash’.  Their mystic genius included an alternating current that could be described as the electro-magnetic field.  The Tree of Life is a bio-energy system based on a male-female polarity that meets in the central column.  It also offers a description of the way Light divides to become Life.

At A Talk with Spirit chakra readings include the original Hindu system of seven plus five more chakras.  This is in keeping with current understanding.  We have also added the chakras or energy spheres ‘sephirot’ associated with the Tree of Life.  It is good to take note of minor discrepancies in this interpretation of the chakra system and the Tree of Life compared to others you may be familiar with – as well as be aware of the perennial similarities at the root of most of them.  Of course, our ancient traditions evolve as well as remain the same on an essence level.

Chakra readings include:

Spirit’s insight into your chakras’ functioning – including
where they are  blocked and for what reason/s


Feedback on your etheric imprinting

 An aura reading 
 A Tree of Life reading, including:  Insight into the relationship between your inner male and inner female.

"Spirit’s guidance through Jane Ellen is full of compassion, love and grace.  Jane Ellen has a wonderful ability to look at any given situation without passing judgment.  My sessions with her have been incredibly insightful and informative.  She creates a safe space for self-expression and her words are clearly divinely guided.  At the end of my readings, I always feel that I have all of the mental and emotional knowledge necessary to remove any block in my life.'
— Desiree Bartlett, Project Development, Gaia Inc.

"I always feel I am in Spirit’s presence when the relaxation process before the journey begins.  Spirit knows exactly where my muscles are tight and how to help me relax them.  It’s such an intimate experience.  Then the journeys themselves are always healing, magical and insightful.  They have allowed me to explore previously undreamed of dimensions and given me tools I can use to build on the wonderful foundation they help me create."
— Gabrielle Williams, GW International

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