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The first or ‘root’ chakra, which is associated with red and located at the base of the spine, is generally associated with survival issues as well as soul lessons.  It contains our imprinting at birth and involves ideas and beliefs that we come in with – whether we are conscious of them or not.

SOUL speaks to us in many ways – through dreams, visions, inspiration, mystical experience. She also tries to awaken us through painful memories, negative patterns, mind-body symptoms as well as other signs of stress.

Each of us has a SOUL purpose which is unique and fulfilling if we follow it.. Of course, it is sometimes difficult to discern what that purpose is. Yet, SOUL is always trying to guide us on our right path.

SOUL readings can be focused on a variety of themes, such as:

Soul Purpose

Soul Retrieval
Soul Gifts Past Life Regression
Soul Lessons Interpretation of Dreams and Omens
Soul Guides Meaning of Mind-body Symptoms
Soul Mates

Each reading is inspired through SPIRIT for you; so you can feel confident you will receive the help you need.  Enjoy your journey.

“Jane is a rare and extremely gifted intuitive and channel.  She brings a personal and nurturing quality to her counseling that is unmatched.  Her genuine care and warmth envelops each session with a sense of love and support that comes only from someone whose calling it is to help others along their personal journeys.  Jane has helped me to connect with my personal power and in discovering the gifts I am here to share.  Being led to her was a gift itself.  Anyone who has a desire to look within and discover their truth will find their experience with Jane to be fascinating and magical”.  
— Tania Marie Boone, Artist and model

"Jane Ellen is a rare gem that shines light amidst the sometimes dark tunnel of one’s life journey.  She has a phenomenal ability to bring forth instantaneous clarity.  She has held my hand from day one to challenge my inner voices of self criticism, so that I have become the mother of my true Self.  It is through this process that I am able to accept both the sorrow and the joy of life."
— Satchi Yoshimoto, Director, Patrick Painter Gallery

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