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The third chakra or power center, located around the navel is associated with our level of charisma or ‘manna’ so to speak.  It involves how we project our sense of self to others and how they perceive us based on the ‘vibe’ we give out.  The need for hypnotherapy generally includes subconscious issues related to personal power and disempowerment as well as issues of self-esteem. 

Hypnotherapy is a process of retraining the subconscious to know how to change.  It can work powerfully! 

The subconscious mind is formed in utero before the left brain.  It is the location of our deepest core emotions.  In order retrain negative subconscious patterning, it is necessary to understand how the subconscious thinks and to speak its language.  Hypnosis is the most effective way to do that.  Once the subconscious is helped, problem behaviors and patterns can be altered from deep within.

 HYPNOTHERAPY sessions can be focused on a range of issues, such as:

Help to boost your self-esteem

Extend your competence in sports and other areas
Locate the source of early trauma Trance inductions to release negative patterning
Understand the psychology of your compulsive/addictive patterns Trance inductions to increase positive functioning
Mood relief  The art of self-suggestion

HYPNOTHERAPY sessions are guided through SPIRIT;  so, you can trust they will be safe and effective.

Trance induction tapes can be ordered for the added cost of shipping and handling.

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