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Soul Week – How to Interpret Psychic Readings

Am I Being Cursed?

John from Cincinnati wrote in:

Dear Spirit, I went to see a psychic healer who said there was a curse on me. He couldn’t say who sent it – just that he saw someone paying another person to hurt me. I have compiled a list of people from my past I think might want to hurt me. Could you let me know if it is one of them and if I am in danger?

-John B.

Spirit: It is not any of your ex-friends – though you have some healing work to do with a few of them.

John: Am I being cursed?

Spirit: The ubiquitous person the psychic saw is a symbolic representation of the Inner Adversary, aka the Devil. Of course, it is the Devil’s job to lead people astray. Each person has their own version of what he looks like to them.

In your case, he strikes at your self esteem each time you judge yourself as deficient as a human being. He wears the cloak of your inner Perfectionist. And the ‘person’ he is paying to hurt you is symbolic of the martyr in you who takes up the hopeless burden of self improvement.

Is it Possible to Change Destiny? Jim’s Reading

Jim from Van Nuys, CA wrote in:

Dear Spirit, I had an astrology reading a few years ago; and it still haunts me. The astrologist predicted I would get prostate cancer at the age of 59. Was he accurate? And if so – is it possible to change that destiny?

-Jim S.

Spirit: The astrologist was reading a trend in your chart. So, let me ask you: in what ways do you feel wounded in your manliness?

Jim: I never made it big the way my father and brother have.

Spirit: What do you consider big?

Jim: Multiple millions

Spirit: Yet you earn an outstanding living.

Jim: I do all right.

Spirit: Many cases of prostate cancer are based on penis envy – not the kind women are accused of feeling, the kind men feel by equating the size of their penis, symbolically speaking, with their bank account. Manifesting millions is not the measure of a man; yet so many men succumb to the seduction that says it is. What do you do for a living?

Jim: I’m a middle manager in a large corporation.

Spirit: What career did you originally set your sights on?

Jim: I wanted to be a filmmaker.

Spirit: What happened to that career?

Jim: Fatherhood.

Spirit: Another reason some men get prostate cancer is based on the way they measure themselves in relation to the man they wanted to be.

Now is a good time to free the artist in you; and let go of the idea you were here to live up to your father’s standard.  You are here to be a different kind of man.  Then, by the time you get to your second Saturn return, you can be free of prostate trouble.

How to Interpret Psychic Readings

Psychic ability is fallible in the sense that even those who weigh in as exceptionally accurate may also report information that is symbolic without realizing it. So, it is important to interpret psychic readings in that light.

It is also good to remember that the future is seldom set in stone. In that sense, some psychic readings may predict the probable outcome or trajectory of events from a particular moment in time – without taking the factor of individual choice into account.

A change of heart can alter the course of future events.

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